A GROUP EXHIBITION. 18.02.14 - 13.03.14. "A manifesto is a declaration of intentions, motives, or views and is designed to embody what is important to you and what inspires you."  Artists include: Alta Stegmann, Andrew Sutherland, Angela Banks, Audrey Anderson, Chris Valentine, Clint Reid, Daya Heller, Diana Hyslop, Dot Vermeulen, Faith 47, Gene Kierman, Janet Anderson, Jono Dry, Kate van Putten, Katrine Claassens, Mary-Anne Hampton, Pascale Desfontaines, Paul Senyol, Sarah Pratt, Terry Angelos
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LOVE BEFORE BREAKFAST. 18.02.14 - 13.03.14Christiaan Conradie is a South African born artist currently living and working in Mexico
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