I paint very slowly – can I take photos of the person and paint from it, or may I only work from a live model?

A/  Yes of course you may take photos to work from.

I have taken photos with my digital camera, but you say in the rules “no digital images”.

A / You may not enter a photograph, but you may take digital images of your sitter to paint or draw from.

What is a “sitter” Does it mean that we may only paint people sitting?

A / A “sitter” is the person you intend painting (Your model). You may paint the person standing, sitting, lying down or any other pose you can think of. YOU decide on the composition. – It does NOT mean the person SHOULD be sitting!

What is a “sitting” and does this mean I am only supposed to paint a live model?

A / A “sitting” is: “To pose for an artist or photographer / to adopt and maintain a posture or pose for one’s portrait to be painted”

At this sitting, you may take photographs to work from – you don’t have to do the whole portrait from a live model. We just want to establish that you know this person and that you are working from photos that you took yourself, thereby eliminating the copying of National Geographic covers or versions of the Mona Lisa.

When can I start painting?

A / You can start immediately – as long as it is not an old work. Number 11 on the Rules and Regulations: “Work submitted should have been COMPLETED after 1 January 2019.” It has to be a recent work created specifically for this competition and never before exhibited or placed on Social Media.

How many portraits may I enter?

A / Number 4 on the Rules and Regulations: Multiple entries are allowed.

Do I need an entry form for each entry?

A / YES you have to complete a digital entry for each artwork entered.

(Please view the video clip on the www.rust-en-vrede.com website.)

Do I need to pay an entry fee for each entry?

A / YES – See above

What is the banking details?

A / Payment via EFT or cash deposit to:

Durbanville Cultural Society
Bank: Mercantile Bank
Branch: Tygerberg
Code: 450 105
Account No: 105 075 2228

Is a portrait a painting of a person’s head only?

A / NO a portrait is not only the head, or head and shoulders, it can also be the whole body and you may also paint a group of people.

What do you mean “The human figure must predominate?”

A / You may paint a background, but the figure (or figures) should dominate, e.g. do not paint a landscape and then paint a TINY figure hidden away in the landscape. The “portrait,” be it a head, head and shoulders, full body or group of people, must be the focus.

What format should my photographs be in?

A / Please refer to the HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH YOUR WORK page.

Can I enter even though I do not own a computer?

A / Yes you can. Please ask a friend, neighbor or family member for assistance or visit your nearest library or internet café to use their facilities. They will gladly assist you.

Must the work be framed?

A / If it is stretched canvas, the work need not be framed. But please tidy up the edges by painting in a flat colour. All works on paper need to be framed and behind glass or Perspex. All work should be ready to hang.

What happens when my work arrives without my signature on it? Will it get lost?

A / You have to download a PERSONAL INFORMATION FORM from the website. Secure this form to the back of your artwork. When the work arrives at the gallery, we allocate a number which we write on your entry form and fix the same number to your work. We then take a photograph and import all information onto our systems. Your name and number is known only to the administrators who have access to the records.

What happens if my work is not selected as one of the Top 100?

A / We will notify the 100 selected entrants once the judging is completed. If you are not making use of the free Stuttaford Van Lines courier service, you will have to make arrangements to collect the work at Rust-en-Vrede immediately.

Who will wrap my work?

A / All works are to be delivered to the gallery unwrapped. If you are making use of the Stuttaford Van Lines service, they will wrap the work for transport and unwrap it upon arrival at the gallery. If you are hand delivering or using your own courier, they will have to unwrap the work themselves and take the packaging away with them. When collecting, your courier has to supply the wrapping as well as do the actual wrapping. We will not wrap any artworks.

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